Hermann Göring


Göring and Hitler on the Obersalzberg (October 1, 1936)

Source: German History in Documents and Images

Adolf Hitler (left) Hermann Göring (Right)

Herman Göring joined the Nazi Party in 1922. He rose as a leader in the Nazi regime and presumed the role of head of the secret police force for the Gestapo. In 1936, Hitler named him as the leader of the Four-Year Plan, which focused on the rearmament of Germany. He created a new ministry that absorbed the Ministry of Agriculture and Labor and bypassed the Economics Ministry regarding policymaking decision in Germany’s attempt to rearm. Göring was one of Hitler’s most trusted fellow Nazis and was named his successor in the case of Hitler’s death in 1939. In 1945, however, Hitler removed Göring from his positions and the Nazi party under suspicion of treason. In 1946, Göring committed suicide while under arrest following a guilty conviction at the Nuremberg trials. 

Hermann Göring