Reinhard Heydrich

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Reinhard Heydrich (1939)

Heydrich participating at a fencing competition with the Berlin SS fencing team.

 Benno Wundshammer

Born in 1904, Reinhard Heydrich’s father instilled a passion for the German nation from a young age, bestowing a sense of German nationalism in Heydrich. Following the end of World War I, Heydrich joined a right-wing paramilitary unit to recapture his hometown under the orders of Gustav Noske. By 1931 Heydrich began his career in the SS. Here, similar to the Navy, Heydrich’s rank grew and with this his influence and power. In 1932 Heydrich would be appointed chief of the Gestapo. On September 27, 1941, Heydrich would become Deputy Reich Procter of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. Here Heydrich enforced Nazi policy, put down resistance, and worked to keep manufacturing and production up for the Nazi regime. Along with this, Heydrich was the  coordinator of the Final Solution. An assassination attempt on him in May of 1942 would eventually lead to his death on June 4, 1942. He would be the only high ranking Nazi official to be assassinated during the rule of the Nazis. 

Reinhard Heydrich