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Mein Fuhrer- Elementary School Textbook.jpg
An image taken from an elementary school textbook, which portrays the allegiance to Hitler by the youth. The text followed within the textbook states, "I know you well, and love you as I do my father and mother. I will always be obedient to you as I…

Activities-Hitler Youth 1938.jpg
Photo of members of the Hamburg Jungvolk at a Hitler Youth camp at the Baltic Sea in 1938. Members of the Hitler Youth would participate in various activities that would enhance their physical fitness, militaristic training, and overall knowledge of…

Baldur von Schirach with Hitler Youth.jpg
Baldur von Schirach, leader of the Hitler Youth as of 1933, with members of the Hitler Youth.

Edelweiss Pirates.jpg
Depiction of the free spirit nature of the Edelweiss Pirates, one of the youth groups that opposed the Nazi state.

German Youth Movement- Youth League Campsite 1933.jpg
Campsite of a German youth group.

League of German Girls Advertisement-1934.jpg
Members of the League of German Girls post advertisement for recruitment into their youth group.

Hitler Youth in Nazi Rally.jpg
Hitler Youth on parade during a Nazi rally in 1936.

Hitler Youth Propaganda Poster.jpg
A form of propaganda for the purpose of recruiting young men into the Hitler Youth.

Swing Youth.jpg
Depiction of members of the Swing Youth, a group of German youths who displayed opposition to the Nazi state.

Magazine for Boys in the Hitler Youth.jpg
Der Pimpf was the monthly for boys 10-14 years old in the Hitler Youth organization, first appearing in 1935 under the title Morgen and changing name to Der Pimpf in 1937. This April 1940 cover was for Hitler's birthday.
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