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caricature of the SA.jpg
Caricature of the SA published in Simplicissimus from 1933.

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Scanned book cover of Hugh Trevor-Roper's The Last Days of Hitler, published in 1947

LMU's HIST 4273 / EURO 4998 students at the Bebelplatz memorial.

Alongside his other positions, Goebbels was Gauleiter of Berlin from 1926-1945. Being the Gauleiter in the capital gave Goebbels immense power in the political pecking order of the Third Reich.


Heydrich .jpg
Photo of Reinhard Heydrich at a fencing competition.


Holocaust Memorial Group Photo 1.jpg
HIST 4273 students at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin (March 2017)

2017-03-05 12.44.43.jpg
LMU HIST 4273 / EURO 4998 Nazi Germany class at the Neue Wache in Berlin (March 2017).


A 1933 anti-abortion propaganda poster, reading "a pregnancy must not be terminated!"

Enabling Act.jpg
Photo of the Enabling Act, passed 23 March 1933, which dispensed with parliamentary government and effectively gave Hitler dictatorial power.
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