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Propaganda poster featuring the "new German man," a loyal and determined soldier. The text reads: "Unshakable, determined to fight, certain of victory!”

Lidice Massacre.jpg
Following the assassination of Heydrich, Himmler ordered SS members to go to Lidice, kill all the men, send the rest of the villages to concentration camps, and burn the city down.

Aryan Family.jpg
The Aryan Family (undated) is a print after a painting by Wolfgang Willrich. It depicts what could be described as the quintessential Aryan family.

Print after a painting by Wolfgang Willrich, showing an idealized version of the "Aryan" family.

Swing Youth.jpg
Depiction of members of the Swing Youth, a group of German youths who displayed opposition to the Nazi state.

Passports of German Jews stamped with J.

Photo of Hitler's bodyguard regiment [SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler] during a six-day deployment (1936)

Group photo of an SS Wedding on the grounds of the Main Office for Race and Settlement (1936)

SS Oath to Hitler 1934.jpg
An image of an SS officer swearing his oath of allegiance to Adolf Hitler on February 25, 1934.

Leibstandarte Adolf Hilter 1936.jpg
Hitler's Bodyguard Regiment [SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler] during a Six-Day Deployment (1936)
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