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Fallen SS Troops in Berlin.jpg
This is an image of an immobilized half-track of the Waffen SS with SS troops killed in action in the streets of Berlin defending against the Russian Offensive.

LMU's HIST 4273 / EURO 4998 students at the Bebelplatz memorial.

caricature of the SA.jpg
Caricature of the SA published in Simplicissimus from 1933.

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Catholic Youth.jpg
Photo of meeting of Catholic Youth Organizations in Berlin-Neukölln (August 20, 1933)

G. v. C. Christians.png
Election propaganda on the Church steps for the state church election of 1933 between the German Christians and the "Gospel and Church" group led by Martin Niemöller. This photograph shows a representative of the German Christian movement (left) with…

Photo of a church wedding of an SS member in 1934.

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Comparison of Daily Living Costs for an Individual with a Hereditary Disease and for a Healthy Family.jpg
Propaganda cartoon depicting the high cost of supporting a man with disabilities compared to the cost of supporting a healthy family of five.

Slide comparing the daily living costs for an individual with a hereditary disease and for a healthy family (from the slide series "Blood and Soil," c. 1935)

Unified German Christian Stuttgart Declaration (1945).jpg
Members of the Council of the Protestant Churches of Germany, established 1945. Through this post-war alliance and the Stuttgart Declaration of guilt, these men created a united Protestant Christian identity in Germany.

Forced Labor.jpg
Photo of prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp working as forced laborers (1943)
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