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Riflepractice 2.jpg
Members of the Hamburg Jungvolk are Instructed in the Use of Carbine Rifles at a Hitler Youth Camp on the Baltic Sea (1938)

dietrich bonhoeffer.jpg
Photo of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 - 1945), leader of Confessing Church

Disbarment- A Jewish Lawyer is Removed from the List of Lawyers Licensed to Practice at the District Court of Tilsit in East Prussia.jpg
One of the Nazis first actions when obtaining power was to eliminate Jews from civil service positions, this included removing them from legal positions as well.

Edelweiss Pirates.jpg
Depiction of the free spirit nature of the Edelweiss Pirates, one of the youth groups that opposed the Nazi state.

Enabling Act.jpg
Photo of the Enabling Act, passed 23 March 1933, which dispensed with parliamentary government and effectively gave Hitler dictatorial power.

Ernst Röhm.jpg
Photo of Ernst Röhm in 1933

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Röhm, Beerhall Putsch .jpg
Photo of the defendants in the Beer Hall Putsch trial. From left to right: Pernet, Weber, Frick, Kiebel, Ludendorff, Hitler, Bruckner, Röhm, and Wagner. Note that only two of the defendants (Hitler and Frick) were wearing civilian clothes.

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Röhm with Hitler and Goebbels .jpg
Photo of Ernst Röhm with Hitler and Goebbels in 1933

Propaganda poster of Dutch SS unit

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Female SS Guards.jpg
Photo of female SS guards after their arrest by British troops in Bergen-Belgen. Irma Grese is in the last row on the left.
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