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Robert Ley.jpg
Photo of Robert Ley, chair of the German Labor Front, in 1936

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Heydrich's Vehicle after bombing.jpg
This photo shows the car that Heydrich was riding in when the assassination attempt on him took place.

Heydrich .jpg
Photo of Reinhard Heydrich at a fencing competition.


Reinhard Heydrich.jpg
Photograph of Reinhard Heydrich in 1942


Reichsarbeitsdients poster
Propaganda poster for the Reich Labor Service

Photo of Reich Women's Leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink

sportpalast Berlin.jpg
Photo of the Reich Conference of German Christians in Berlin. Banner reads "The German Christian reads 'The Gospel in the Third Reich.'" It references the official German Christian newspaper that the Reich endorsed.

Reich bishop Ludwig Müller.jpg
Photo of Reich Bishop Ludwig Müller (left) at his inauguration alongside August Jäger, head of the Ministry of Church Affairs.

Russian Troops Assault German Lines.jpg
A depiction of the Soviet Red Army attacking German positions in Stalingrad.

Slide comparing the "Nordic" and "Negroid" races (from the Slide Series "Blood and Soil," c. 1935)
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