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Saluting the Flag.jpg
Photo of German industrialists at a rally for the German economy in Berlin (November 7, 1933)

Photo of workers completing a section of the Reich Autobahn (1936)

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Forced Labor.jpg
Photo of prisoners at Dachau Concentration Camp working as forced laborers (1943)

DeutchesJungvolk training with rifles.jpg
Photo of members of the Hitler Youth at rifle practice, c. 1943

Photo of Göring and Hitler on the Obersalzburg (October 1, 1936)

Bormann and Hitler.jpg
Photo of Martin Bormann and Adolf Hitler at Berghof Terrace (1942)

Riflepractice 2.jpg
Members of the Hamburg Jungvolk are Instructed in the Use of Carbine Rifles at a Hitler Youth Camp on the Baltic Sea (1938)

Youth Encampment 1933.jpg
Photo of Youth League camp site (1933)

The Berliner Tageblatt [Berlin Daily] Lists the Gay and Lesbian Bars Closed by Berlin's Chief of Police (March 4, 1933)

Jewish man and German woman.jpg
Jewish man and German woman publicly humiliated by Nazis for "race defilement" after enactment of Nuremberg Laws in September 1935
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