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The Flak 40 128mm was one of the most prevalent large anti-air weapons used by the Third Reich during World War II, especially once the Luftwaffe lost air superiority and the allies began to bomb Germany heavily and would provide close air support…

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This 1968 photo shows an a demonstration by a crowd of union members, youth agitators, universities, and churches opposed to the law passed by the Bundestag that granted the West German government extensive powers in "crisis situations," raising…

Adolf Eichmann.jpg
Photograph of Adolf Eichmann


Photo of Adolf Hitler

Photograph of Adolf Hitler from 1938


Hitler pictured with his cabinet early in his leadership tenure. At the time this picture was taken members of Hitler's cabinet were under the illusion they could politically restrain Hitler's power. Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen (second from the…

Alfred Erich Hoche.jpg
Alfred Hoche was a German psychiatrist, known for his work supporting eugenics and euthanasia under the Nazi regime.

A 1933 anti-abortion propaganda poster, reading "a pregnancy must not be terminated!"

Baldur von Schirach with Hitler Youth.jpg
Baldur von Schirach, leader of the Hitler Youth as of 1933, with members of the Hitler Youth.

July 1933 Church ballot.jpg
Ballot for church elections in Berlin in July 1933 between the "Gospel and Church" group (marked on the ballot) and the German Christians group.
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