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ss ring.PNG
Photo of the SS "Totenkopfring"

A flag ceremony and swearing in of Wehrmacht recruits in Berlin on November 7, 1935

Concordat Photo.jpg
Photo of the signing of the Reich Concordat (July 20, 1933)

Signed Letter by Hitler Authorizing Euthanasia Killings.jpg
As part of the Nazis mission to create a racially pure nation Germans whom were not considered to contribute to the state were to be killed. This included those with physical and mental disabilities, such as dementia or schizophrenia. This signed…

SA troopers, burning flag.jpg
Photo of SA members burning the black-red-gold flag of the Weimar Republic in Berlin on January 30, 1933

SA arresting Communists .jpg
SA members arrest Communists in Berlin on the day after the Reichstag Elections (March 6, 1933)

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SA members with RFB Flag.jpg
Photo of SA members with the captured flag of the Communist Red Front Fighters Alliance


German and Russian Infantry in Melee Combat.jpg
A drawing of what melee combat in the Eastern Front would have looked like between the Russian and German Infantry. This kind of brutality was common between the Waffen SS and fanatic Communists of the Soviet Union.

Room for newborns in the "Lebensborn" ["Fountain of Life"] Association maternity home in Steinhöring (Upper Bavaria) (1938)

Roma (Gypsies)
Photograph of Roma (Gypsies) in Czechoslovakia in 1937
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