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KdF propaganda.jpg

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Leisure Cruise.jpg
Photo of a "Strength Through Joy" cruise to Madeira, part of the leisure opportunities offered by the Nazi state.

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ship 2.jpg
"Strength Through Joy" ship "Robert Ley"

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Nazi Christmas.jpg
Christmas Celebration at Mercedes-Benz, with German Labor Front Bulletin Board in the Background (1938)

KdF Wagen.jpg
Propaganda poster for Kraft durch Freude (Strength Through Joy) car, later called the Volkswagen

Hitler at Bayreuth Festival.jpg
Photo of Hitler at the 1938 Bayreuth Festival with Winifred Wagner and Wieland Wagner

Prora Seaside Resort.jpg
Photo of the abandoned seaside resort of Prora, a KdF project.

Robert Ley.jpg
Photo of Robert Ley, chair of the German Labor Front, in 1936

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Holocaust Memorial Group Photo 1.jpg
HIST 4273 students at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin (March 2017)
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