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Propaganda poster of Dutch SS unit

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dietrich bonhoeffer.jpg
Photo of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906 - 1945), leader of Confessing Church

G. v. C. Christians.png
Election propaganda on the Church steps for the state church election of 1933 between the German Christians and the "Gospel and Church" group led by Martin Niemöller. This photograph shows a representative of the German Christian movement (left) with…

Reich bishop Ludwig Müller.jpg
Photo of Reich Bishop Ludwig Müller (left) at his inauguration alongside August Jäger, head of the Ministry of Church Affairs.

German Christian Flags.jpg
German Christian flags in celebration of Luther Day at the Berlin Castle in Lustgarten in Berlin (November 11, 1933)

July 1933 Church ballot.jpg
Ballot for church elections in Berlin in July 1933 between the "Gospel and Church" group (marked on the ballot) and the German Christians group.

Room for newborns in the "Lebensborn" ["Fountain of Life"] Association maternity home in Steinhöring (Upper Bavaria) (1938)

Print after a painting by Wolfgang Willrich, showing an idealized version of the "Aryan" family.

A 1933 anti-abortion propaganda poster, reading "a pregnancy must not be terminated!"

Photo of a church wedding of an SS member in 1934.

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