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Holocaust Memorial Group Photo 1.jpg
HIST 4273 students at the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin (March 2017)

Members of Police Battalion 101 humiliating Polish Jews

Ukrainian Jews being shot by members of a mobile killing squad (Einsatzgruppe) in 1941

Wannsee-Conference House Cover.jpg
The house in which the Wannsee Conference was held in January 1942.

Marzahn Concentration Camp.jpg
Photograph of Marzahn, the first internment camp for the Roma and Sinti (Gypsies); date is unknown.

Roma (Gypsies)
Photograph of Roma (Gypsies) in Czechoslovakia in 1937

Photos of antisemitism actions in Eastern Europe: harassment of Jewish man in Warsaw and execution in USSR.

Wannsee Page.jpg
A page from the minutes of the Wannsee Conference, where leading Nazis made the planned the "Final Solution."
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