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Catholic Youth.jpg
Photo of meeting of Catholic Youth Organizations in Berlin-Neukölln (August 20, 1933)

Pope Pius XI.jpg
Photo of Pope Pius XI

Concordat Photo.jpg
Photo of the signing of the Reich Concordat (July 20, 1933)

Unified German Christian Stuttgart Declaration (1945).jpg
Members of the Council of the Protestant Churches of Germany, established 1945. Through this post-war alliance and the Stuttgart Declaration of guilt, these men created a united Protestant Christian identity in Germany.

sportpalast Berlin.jpg
Photo of the Reich Conference of German Christians in Berlin. Banner reads "The German Christian reads 'The Gospel in the Third Reich.'" It references the official German Christian newspaper that the Reich endorsed.

Pope Pius XII.png
Photo of Pope Pius XII

Bormann and Hitler.jpg
Photo of Martin Bormann and Adolf Hitler at Berghof Terrace (1942)

July 1933 Church ballot.jpg
Ballot for church elections in Berlin in July 1933 between the "Gospel and Church" group (marked on the ballot) and the German Christians group.

German Christian Flags.jpg
German Christian flags in celebration of Luther Day at the Berlin Castle in Lustgarten in Berlin (November 11, 1933)

Reich bishop Ludwig Müller.jpg
Photo of Reich Bishop Ludwig Müller (left) at his inauguration alongside August Jäger, head of the Ministry of Church Affairs.
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