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Josef Sepp Dietrich.jpg
Photo of Josef "Sepp" Dietrich of the Waffen SS

Russian Troops Assault German Lines.jpg
A depiction of the Soviet Red Army attacking German positions in Stalingrad.

German and Russian Infantry in Melee Combat.jpg
A drawing of what melee combat in the Eastern Front would have looked like between the Russian and German Infantry. This kind of brutality was common between the Waffen SS and fanatic Communists of the Soviet Union.

Panzer 4.jpg
The Panzer 4 was the mainstay battle tank of the Nazi Wehrmacht and Waffen SS.

The Half-Track was an essential part of the Waffen SS war machine due to the vast majority of the Waffen SS Divisions being mechanized and therefore making extensive use of Half-Tracks and Trucks.

The Flak 40 128mm was one of the most prevalent large anti-air weapons used by the Third Reich during World War II, especially once the Luftwaffe lost air superiority and the allies began to bomb Germany heavily and would provide close air support…

The Karabiner 98k was the standard issue bolt action rifle of the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS during World War II.

General Friedrich Paulus after surrendering to the Soviet army at the Battle of Stalingrad on January 31, 1943.

Four German soldiers operating a German 5 cm Pak 38 Anti-Tank Gun in open artillery position on a street crossing in Stalingrad (October 8, 1942)

A flag ceremony and swearing in of Wehrmacht recruits in Berlin on November 7, 1935
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