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Wewelsburg was intended to be used as a central SS meeting and ideological site and consequentially had large, long-term architectural plans envisioned for it. (2).jpg
Photo of Wewelsburg Castle, which was intended to be used as a central SS meeting and ideological site.

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Leibstandarte Adolf Hilter Later Period.jpg
A military parade with the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Infantry Division in full military regalia while Adolf Hitler salutes to his favored military guard

Photo of Gestapo Headquarters at Prinz-Albrecht-Straße in Berlin, now the site of the Topography of Terror

Photo of Heinrich Himmler

Photo of Hitler's bodyguard regiment [SS-Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler] during a six-day deployment (1936)

Photo of Himmler training for Reich Sports Badge in 1936

Photo of Hermann Göring, Chief of the State Secret Police Office, appointing Heinrich Himmler Deputy Chief and "Inspector of the Prussian Political Police" (April 20, 1934)

Photo of a church wedding of an SS member in 1934.

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Room for newborns in the "Lebensborn" ["Fountain of Life"] Association maternity home in Steinhöring (Upper Bavaria) (1938)

Propaganda poster of Dutch SS unit

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